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The Sorin Lab is located in MLSC-300, on the 3rd floor of the Molecular & Life Sciences Center, across from the MLSC chemistry stockroom. As you can see, we have an exceptional view of the Blue Pyramid from our 3rd floor location!

For information about previous lab members please visit the Sorin Lab Alumni Page

Eric J. Sorin, Ph.D.
Eric Sorin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Computational Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biophysics
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
California State University, Long Beach

Parker Bremer
Parker Bremer (Fall 2017-present)
Major: M.S. Chemistry candidate, CSULB
Sorin Lab Research: Enzyme Inhibition
Post-graduation: Ph.D. program in Computation/Biophysics
Honors, Awards, etc: CSULB Summer Research Fellow (2018)
Robert B. Henderson Memorial Scholarship (2018)

Angela Choy (Fall 2015 - present)
Major: B.S. Chemical Engineering student, CSULB
Sorin Lab Research: TBD
Post-graduation: Industry/Grad School
Honors, Awards, etc: Boeing Academic Scholarship (2016)
Engineering Endowed Fund Scholarship Scholarship (2017)
Study Abroad Fellow (2018)

Aingty Eung
Aingty Eung (Summer 2015-present)
Major: B.S. Computer Science student, CSULB
Sorin Lab Research: Systems Administration
Post-graduation: Applied Computer Science/Software Development
Honors, Awards, etc:

Jocelyn Hsu
Jocelyn Hsu (Summer 2018 - present)
Major: CAMS High School Junior/Senior
Sorin Lab Research: Drug Docking/Enzyme Inhibition
Post-graduation: TBD
Honors, Awards, etc:

Junho Lee
Junho Lee (Summer 2018 - present)
Major: B.S. Cell & Molec Bio, CSULB
Sorin Lab Research: Drug Docking, Collagen
Post-graduation: Medical Fields
Honors, Awards, etc:

Nguyet Nguyen
Nguyet Nguyen (Summer 2018 - present)
Major: B.S. Chemical Engineering, CSULB
Sorin Lab Research: RNA Folding, Docking
Post-graduation: Grad School
Honors, Awards, etc: Supplemental Instruction Leader (CHEM 111)

Paola Pepitone
Paola Pepitone (Summer 2018 - present)
Major: B.S. Electrical Engineering, CSULB
Sorin Lab Research: RNA Folding
Post-graduation: Grad Chool
Honors, Awards, etc: McNair Scholar (2017 - present)